Bootstrap Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

Bootstrap is one of the popular and Famous HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript’s front-end frameworks which is fully used in mobile first web applications and websites. This framework has changed the way of web development and Web designing. It’s available for free and anyone can download and use it for their web applications same like jQuery Function. Using this language, you can make responsive websites and web applications. We’ve finally created a course on Bootstrap in Urdu/Hindi, and it’s now available to watch & learn from.


Introduction & History
Bootstrap is just 4 years old, it was developed and released by Twitter developers with the name Twitter Blueprint in 2012. The working version of this framework was released in 2013 and now, they are about to release the most exciting version of this framework, which is named as “Bootstrap 4.0“. Bootstrap is a front-end web development framework which is used to create most beautifully designed & responsive websites by applying simple CSS classes and IDs for this purpose . It’s a combination of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & JavaScript all at one place.
What You’ll Learn in This Course?
This course is a complete 6 hours course on Bootstrap in Urdu/Hindi, in which you’ll learn all the basics of Bootstrap. But apart from the basics, we’ll also teach you creating real life projects such as CMS and website. We’ll teach you creating a practical portfolio website using Bootstrap and you’ll also be able to create any type of responsive website after learning this course.
Urdu Tutorials
The first introductory lecture of this course can be watched below, and after that you’ll see a playlist of videos from YouTube which you can watch by first opening YouTube in Pakistan. However, as this is a paid course, so you’ll need to visit our buy a DVD page and get it from their if you really need it or really want to learn it. But you can also learn this language basics from the free course provided here.

Bootstrap course introduction in Urdu

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