Free Theme for Your Blog is Dangerous

Imagine you turn on your PC, to check out how your website is working?

And you are like “what, where is my website”?

I have made a risky news for you…

Your internet site has got hacked on and all your data is gone.

Sound scary? Isn’t it?

I did not mean to scare you, but this happens with many bloggers who choose a free theme for blogging instead of a premium one.

Let me tell you the truth- free is not always good, even if it is a WordPress theme.

In this post, I will show you why choosing a free theme could be serious for the blog.

Imp note: There are many good looking free themes who offer encrypted free footers (hyperlink free footer) & are of great quality. But, again their are still few donwside of using free WordPress themes over Premium WordPress themes.

Why Free WordPress themes are not worth your time?

1. Unwanted URLs in the footer

When you select a free theme, you also accept the user agreement from theme developers.

In exchange of the free theme these developers always want you to keep their affiliate URLs on your website’s footer.

Remember, if you ever try to get rid of these DNSs, you will be gapping the author’s agreement.

If you attempt to remove these links, you will not be able to get rid of them.
Moreover, all you will get is a broken theme.

Sometimes these links are covered with a template color, so you cannot note them without moving the cursor over the footer.

Usually, these links are not bad but in most cases they redirect you to mistrustful and hateful sites.

WordPress hackedwordpress theme

Also, you can get a serious computer virus specified trojan horse on your website.

2. No SEO-optimization

As a blogger, we realize the power of SEO and how crucial it is for a blog or site.

You will hardly get a free theme which accepts inbuilt SEO selections!

The following features make a theme SEO optimized:

Blank write in code – A well-written code helps search engines to understand your website better.
Light Weight – If the theme size is heavy it will take time to load.
Don’t use a lot of JS and CSS computer code* – Free topic takes multiple Javascript and CSS codes. It is recommended that JS and CSS should not be more than 12-15.
Responsive Layout – If your audience is not able to view your website in their mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.), you are going to definitely lose them.
Responsive Design – Free themes rarely come with a responsive design.
Plugins Compatibility – There are thousands of plugins available on the WordPress that can boost your SEO. A free theme does not support these plugins.
Theme developers save other features for their premium themes.

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3. No Customer back up and Updates

free wordpress theme

Whenever you are face problems with a free theme, you will not able to arrive whatever buyer support by the company because you are not paid a single penny to them.

In the future, if in character, the developer updates the theme because bugs and advance coding, you will not get advised. Hence, your web site will be at adventure.

Just the premium theme holders can avail an update feature.

However, there are some theme developers who will provide an update for a free theme. But there is a possible action that until that time you will suffer your site.

4. Limited Features

Superior themes come with allots of handy characteristics that can boost your website’s performance and usability.

If you’re using free themes (with very basic features), it will be difficult to beat your competitors who are using premium themes (with advanced features).

5. Hidden Costs

Some a long time back, one of my supporters set up a costless theme for one of his sites. He was happy to find a theme that looked perfectly gorgeous, and the better break holds was free!

He agreed if there were whatever connections present on the footer, but he couldn’t find a single one!

At this time, his website was ranking well on the search engine with his specific keywords and having PR 5.

After two days, he noticed there were 25 outgoing connections on the correct side navigation pointing another kinds of sites.

However, the weirdest break was he hadn’t added whatever of those connections. So, he tasted to withdraw them from his site but failed!

He uninstalled the free theme and got back to a basic theme. He found no links then.

After a few hours, he installed the free theme once again to check out what went damage?

He accepted himself to be fresher than the theme, but as soon as he installed the free theme again, the outbound links returned.

Finally, he decided to leave the idea of a free theme completely.

So, I learned that actually there is a hidden cost in a free theme.

6. Plugins compatibility problems

Many free themes do not support advanced plugins, this could lead to risky user experience and hapless SEO performance.

The problem occurs because the theme is rarely updated. Most plugins support an updated theme.

I have faced this event once when I was setting up a plugin to collect contributors e-mails.

The plugins alone back up updated themes.

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Final ideas on using costless WordPress themes:

Not all themes are coded the like & there are a lot fine WordPress developers who have published well coded free themes & after became it into gave theme. When you are working on a WordPress blog for short term, free theme are not bad if you could find something which is free from all the above reasons. Again, this is possible when you are well versed with spotting these mistakes & bad codes in the theme.
If you are someone like me who prefer to focus on what we are good at, it’s better to buy a premium WordPress theme. It’s not only about getting support, updates but also it ensures your blog works great at the same time design looks stunning. May be couple of years back I would have recommended you to download free WordPress themes for your blog, but these days when making money from a blog is relatively easy, buying a Premium WordPress theme is a well-thought investment. Here are some the popular premium WordPress themes & I suggest you to check all of them out & pick the one which suits your design & functionality requirement.

ThriveThemes (Probably the only theme that you will need)
Genesis (watch-tutorials is using Genesis theme as backend & using custom child skin)
ElegantTheme (This one is perfect for niche sites)
I hope you have understood now how dangerous a free theme is!

I am curious to know your ideas. Have you always looked any trouble with a free theme. Please share your useful thoughts!

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