idm alternative for windows 7

  1. Fastest Download Speed Greatly
    EagleGet uses advanced multi-threaded technology to seprete downloads by splitting files into several parts and then transferring them simultaneously, thus increase download speed by up to 6 times!
  2. Set and Manage Downloading Jobs Smartly
    EagleGet gives you fine  control of the downloads. You can schedule multiple download queues, sort downloads by various criteria, implement speed limiting, or even remove unnecessary downloaded files physically.
  3. Auto Refresh Expired Download Address
    EagleGet can automatic update expired download URLs without re-starting from the beginning, saving your time and efforts. It’s worth mentioning that EagleGet is the first freeware download manager that supports this feature.
  4. Support All Web Browsers
    EagleGet supports all web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE. No matter which browser you are using, you can always enjoy the maximum download speed without boundaries.
  5. Flexible Notification Configurations Mode
    EagleGet provides you multiple ways to get informed about the downloads. The featured Silent Mode can temporarily turn off all notifications to let you enjoy staying with a full-screen application or PC game for playing purpose.
  6. Automatic Malware and virus Checker & File Integrity Verifier
    EagleGet cares about your security. The automatic malware and virus checker runs Anti-Virus product to perform scan on download completion. The MD5/SHA1 checksum verifier ensures the downloaded file is genuine from the original.

idm alternative

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